Thursday, September 4, 2014

Crazy idea of the month: Sept 2014 - Parking Monitor Mobile App

Those who know me know that once a month if not more I come up with some crazy idea about some product, solution, or something else.  These ideas sometimes seem crazy but often times a year or so later they seem not so crazy.  So rather than sharing them with my small group I have decided to share them with the world in hopes others will see the idea, expand upon it, refine it and produce a product.  If the product does well then at minimum send me an email so I know this is a success.  If you feel like sending me some money I am fine with that too.

Ok so here goes first idea.

Most malls and stores close to subway and train routes face a similar problem where people will park and then take the train to get to work.  This leaves the lot full for potential customers to park.  Lots of methods have been tried such as timed parking, parking meters, monitoring via video cameras who leaves the lot towards rather than entering the entrances of the mall.

My idea has something in it for the customer as well.  Provide customers who think they will be in the mall more than 2 hours with a device.  They put this device in their car.  All this device does is connect to mall wifi when in range.  The user installs an app on their phone that will also connect to the mall wifi.  Each device has a unique id that is joined with the app.  As long as both the customer and the device are connected to the wifi the device stays green.   If not the device turns yellow.  If yellow for more than 1 hour it will turn red.   Then mall security can see the red devices and call parking control to give a ticket.

What if wi-fi is down?  If it is security is notified and they will ignore reds.  What if a customer cannot connect to wifi.  They simply go to customer service and provide their plate.  Security can see which plates have been exempt from the program for 2 hours.  If the customer will stay longer than 2 hours then they say customer service extend me.  In most cases the app will work.

Why would a user install an app and join the program?  Well by joining they get to take part in special offers and discounts provided through the app via wi-fi.

Well that is the idea.  If you like it and wish to discuss more or have developed it into a product and want to say thanks email me at

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